The Human Resources Management Way website (HRM Way), is interested in presenting topics, news, articles, follow-up, and participation from us on developments and events in business management and in human resource management in particular, where we present concepts and methods for human resource management because companies are nothing without human elements Its employees as value-added talents or those who deal with it as clients represent its sources of income. We also present selected topics from the science of organizational behavior, which is concerned with the behavior of workers in organizations, analyzing, changing, and directing the correct direction to serve the goals of the employee and the organization in which he works.

A new insight for human resource management in organizations.

Reinforcing the concept of access to an innovative, healthy, and fair care environment for workers in the human resources department.

Clarify management concepts and theories to serve the practical reality in organizations, so science is linked to the practice in real life.

  1. Monitoring scientific production in the field of human resource management in scientific journals, conferences and seminars, and other diverse sources of information.
  2. Digitizing this production according to high standards and quality.
  3. Providing appropriate training that helps in applying the best practices and methods in human resource management.
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